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DHC Cycling Club in Southampton

DHCyclesport is a winning brand

DHC aims to be inclusive, welcoming and friendly for all road cyclists.
While the core of the club aims to introduce cyclists of all backgrounds to the world of road racing, DHC is more than just a race team.

We provide a variety of social and training rides so you can always find something that’s right for you. Whether you ride for fun, or are looking to race, you will be welcome to join us here at DHC!

DHCyclesport Cycling Club

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Catch up with all of our cycling club news. We aren’t just a cycling club in Southampton – we love the social side too.

You can also keep up to date on all things DHCycleSport on our Strava, Twitter and Facebook pages.


The DHC are members of British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials

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Whether you are looking to race, or to join like minded cyclists for hard training miles, you will be welcome to join us here at DHC in Southampton.